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When I type up a document and then click on Spell Checker at the top of
Office 2007 it gives me the following error, " Cannot find proofing tools for
English (U.S.) All I want to do is just check my spelling to make sure that
I didn't misspell anything. I don't want the proofing tools.



Suzanne S. Barnhill

"Proofing tools" is Microsoft's name for the Office components that include
the spelling checker, thesaurus, hyphenation lexicon, etc. You must have the
proofing tools installed if you want to check spelling. Try rerunning setup
to make sure that the Proofing Tools component is set to "Run from my


I went in an uninstalled the program and reinstalled it to see if it would
give me the option but there was no option for the Proofing Tools Component



Graham Mayor

There was no need to uninstall and re-install the program. That would leave
Word in exactly the same state as you started. Re-run the setup (from
Windows Control Panel add or remove programs - select 'Change') at the next
dialog select 'Add or Remove features' Proofing tools are in the Office
Shared Features group. If they are already selected unselect them and
complete the installation, then run it again and select them.

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