Spell check not working in Outlook 2007



We are migrating to Office 2007. We have approx. 600 users on Office 2007.
We are using Windows XP SP2, Office 2007 with Exchange 2003 SP2. Several
users have called in reporting that spell check is not working. Words are
misspelled, will do a spell check, and the spell check does not find them.
Another user performs a spell check and when they right click on the
misspelled word, words appear but they are grayed out so the user cannot
select the correct spelling of the word.

I have looked for the Override folder in the registry, but this does not
exist. I have checked all settings. This is sporadic and not happening to
all users. We have uninstalled and resinstalled Office 2007, created a new
Outlook profile, ran an Office Diagnostics, nothing seems to fix this issue.
Anything else we can do to resolve this issue?



Diane Poremsky {MVP}

a common cause is typing in the signature block. Add -- to the beginning of
all signatures and tell users to type above the --.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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