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Dave Griffiths

Hi All

I have just installed Vista Home Premium in Norwegian on a PC for a
colleague. Setup windows mail as the default mail program. I was amazed to
see that Norwegian is not a listed language for the spell checker just
English, French, Spanish and German.

This was not a problem with Outlook Express on his Windows XP home Norwegian
machine where Norwegian was the default spell checking language.

Am I missing something or has Microsoft become very arrogant in thinking
they do not need to support the language the machine is actually installed

Any help in getting the Norwegian dictionaries into Windows Mail would be

Thanks in advance

Gary VanderMolen

I haven't seen a hack for Windows Mail to use external dictionaries.
If you upgrade to Windows Live Mail, there is an easy hack to use
Microsoft Office dictionaries.

For Windows Live Mail support, go to the following newsgroup:

Dave Griffiths

Thanks for your reply Gary.

Seems the answer is yes then, they are arrogant enough to remove the
dictionaries to the smaller languages of the world which were supported with
Win XP.

Than goodness the open source programmers have taken care of this, I will be
installing Thunderbird for his mail system and have all dictionaries

Gary VanderMolen

You're welcome.
Thunderbird has excellent multi-language spelling support.

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