Speech recognition: Suddenly crappy



I decided to try out Speech Recognition. It's pretty cool, and I managed to
waste a lot of time messing with it. I've come to terms with what it is best
used with and what I ought to continue using traditional input for.
Anyways, the next day, while using OneNote in my math class, my teacher must
have said something close to "Start listening," because it placed a couple
random words in my notes. This was to be expected eventually, and is fine. I
chuckled a little and turned speech recognition off. I did not exit, I turned
it off.
Now every time I say "stop listening," IT TURNS OFF INSTEAD OF SLEEPING!
This is really really really really annoying, particularly since I can find
no way under the sun of reversing my sad sad mistake. Please forgive me of
using the "turn off" option! Show me path back to "saying 'stop listening'
means go to sleep!"
On a side note, now when I turn it back on, speech recognition runs really
slowly, taking as much as a count to ten to execute my commands (without
showing the swirly blue circle it said it would when busy). I imagine
rebooting should fix this, but believe it or not, this would be the first
program I've run into in Vista that acts this way. If my "stop listening"
problem is also fixed by a reboot, I'd hate to think that I'll have to reboot
after every off-turning of speech recognition.
In any case, I'll try a reboot right after this post, but not consider it a
solution to the problem if it happens to work.


Me again! I rebooted, and both problems were fixed, but like I said, I don't
consider this a solution.

Michael Solomon

atimholt said:
Me again! I rebooted, and both problems were fixed, but like I said, I
consider this a solution.
Actually, it is. A system or an application for whatever reason hiccups and
often all it takes to get things sorted out is a reboot. As to the
idiosyncrasies of speech recognition, you are talking about a far from
perfect technology. It's miles ahead of where it was even just a few years
ago but it is far from perfect. Hence, if it is going to be used, it should
be with the knowledge that from time to time it's going to have some

You might be better off to record the lecture and then run the recording
through speech recognition if you want written notes or a transcription.

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