Speech recognition - integral Mic


andy t

I have just got myself a new laptop with the new Windows Vista on it complete
with the new speech recognition program.

It also has an integral Mike or "Array" microphone so I was even more
pleased at the fact that I did not need to buy one.

The only problem that I have with this one, is that it is a bit too
sensitive and when I ask it to stop listening and then the speech recognition
bar goes to sleep, I find that any little background noise will set the bar
to start listening again. So is there any experts out there who can help and
tell me, is there any way that you can use your voice to tell it to mute
while it is in sleep mode so then, you do not have to worry about background
noises turning the Mic back on???

Michael John Ruff

Hi Andy

On the Microphone mixer / control panel turn off the advanced options for
the microphone.


andy t

Thanks for the reply Michael, forgive me but I am a bit new at this. Where
would I find the "microphone mixer/Control panel"? Is it in the actual "
ease of access centre - speech recognition program"?

The Mic I have is built into the laptop.

andy t

I am still awaiting an answer to the original question I have put at the top
of this thread. I would be greatly appreciative of any one especially MVP's
out there who could help me with this question about the integral Mic?

andy t

I have tried that Dave - UK. On the speech recognition bar, there is a sound
meter, and you can see the sound levels go up and down, even when you're not
saying anything, it's picks up every sound and sometimes it "starts
listening" again.

As I said, it is an integral Mic, I just thought that there would be a
single command you could say such as "mute" so instead of it going to "sleep"
and still picking up background noise, you could give it a single command of
"mute" which would stop the sound meter listening levels not moving at all.

Perhaps this is something that MS could look into?? Thanks for your replies
anyway Dave and Michael.

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