SP4 Failure.. help



I just upgraded Windows 2000 Server to SP4. When it
rebooted, after the splash and the bar finishes going
across, it blue screens and reboots.
I tried last known good and safemode.. Both do the same
How can I back off SP4, or what suggestions do you have
so I can boot this machine back up.

Last resort.. can I reinstall Windows 2000 server keeping
my settings and data.


No easy fix here.. I hope you have a copy of the registry on disk somewhere.. reinstall the OS, that should take care of any files that were corrupted.. you might have had a virus or spyware that modified some registry entries, and when you installed SP4.. it corrected those or registered different .DLL's and that could be what caused the crash... hard to tell though without the bootlog.. you can go though the boot logs as well, and see what really happened.. and try to troubleshoot it one file at a time.. but.... unless it is a hugely complex install.. just go from backup tape, or from clean install.

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