Sound too fast: SOLVED! Intel Accelerator culprit


Michel Merlin

It seems my links to earlier messages don't work for everyone
(for instance when the said message hasn't been downloaded into
their OE. Thanks to ... who reported that problem). So I am
replicating here the message where I gave the fix to that
annoying problem (my apologies for the bandwidth used).

Paris, Wed 29 Oct 2003 19:27:25 +0100

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Subject: Sound too fast: SOLVED! Intel Accelerator culprit

Thanks Sven! Your advice lead me to the fix. Now my sound is OK.
To help the next ones, here are:

1) The fix: just REINSTALL SOUND DRIVER (Yes, sometimes just
doing the obvious does it!).

2) Explanation: Intel Accelerator software seems causing the
flaw when installed *after* the sound driver. Then you
just need to reinstall the sound driver - usually you
don't even need to update it.

3) How found: , Groups,
Advanced Groups Search, newsgroup: alt.os.windows2000,
subject contains: too fast.

First hit is "sounds play too fast", 7 Dec 2002 by Linus;
click "View Thread (6 articles)", and read:

From: Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhrrrrrrrr ([email protected]):

I noticed tis on Dell Optiplexes @ over 1 Ghz....

From: NoneOfBusiness ([email protected])
Subject: Re: sounds play too fast
Newsgroups: alt.os.windows2000
Date: 2002-12-23 21:57:13 PST

It only happens on them with the onboard audio from what i
have seen and it appears to depend on the order from which
you install the drivers and the intel chipset drivers. If
you uninstall the SoundMax stuff from add/remove programs
in control panel, reboot and the reinstall the software it
should go back to normal.....

I have set up about 350-400 Optiplexes (gx150, 240, & 260's)
and this is the way we have to do it if we don't install the
intel chipset drivers first.

4) How tested:
Among my PCs, only the finest one was affected, since Sept 2003:
Asus P4T533-C, P4 1.8A, 2*128 MB RAMBUS PC800,
sound on mobo, Altec Lansing ACS56.

I went in Device Manager, where I have:

- Sound, video and game controllers
|__Intel(R) 82801BA/BAM AC '97 Audio Controller - 2445

I double-clicked that last one, updated driver to the one given by Asus

and wow! after the required Restart, the great sound was back.

Paris, Tue 21 Oct 2003 12:13:14 +0200

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From: "Sven Holm" <[email protected]>
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Message: Sent: Sun 14 Sep 2003 03:37:38 +0200
Subject: Re: sample rate/pitch conversion issue - SOLVED!

Problem is solved! :)
those who are interested, look in alt.os.windows2000,
<[email protected]>


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