Sound recorder problem



I have a sound recorder problem. My cassette player is
plugged to Line In, and plays music through PC speakers.
But when I try to use Sound Recorder or Nero Wave Editor,
I get no input signal, so nothing to record. Line In is
NOT Muted.

Sounds and Audio Devices Properties, Sound Playback and
Sound Recording show SoundMax Digital Audio, MIDI Music
Playback shows SoundMax WaveTable Synth, so everything
seems to be configured okay.

If I plug cassette into Microphone, it will record,
though full of distortion.

Using XP Home w/ AMD 2600. Any ideas?


When you say that the line-in is not muted, are you referring to the
PLAYBACK mixer? Have you checked the RECORD mixer setting to make sure that
line-in is selected? This is a case where you will have to turn on an input
as opposed to turning off (muting) a playback function. Frequently, the
microphone input is selected by default, which would explain why the mike
works but not line-in.


Bingo! That was the problem. I didn't know there was a
RECORD setting. It won't show up until you press SOUND
I just love how inconsistent Microsoft is.
Thanks for the tip.

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