sound recorder hell



I'm working on a narration to a PPT 2007 file with WinXP Pro. Once I finally
got ppt to recognize the microphone and linked the files I wanted to edit one
slide. My computer has 3.25GB of RAM so sound recorder won't work (I
understand this is a known problem there is no fix). I downloaded Audacity
(open source recorder) and changed the file but when I go to export to .wav
it says the directory is write protected (?is PPT protecting the .wav files
from editing???). Can someone tell me how to re-record the narration for one
slide and what program to use? Thanks Ian.



Old in Dallas

In Audacity, try saving it into another directory and then insert it as a
..wav sound onto the slide. If it's not too large, it will become embedded.
Note also you can make the new file smaller in Audacity by changing the
"Project Rate" (lower left corner of screen) to 22050 before you save it
without losing audible vocal quality.

Hope that helps.

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