sound problem - mic output


Gil Paul

I have a volume slider control in "record" for my mic but not in

I need to be able to simply speak into a mic and have it pass through
my laptop (dell latitiude d600) into my external speakers. I can do
this with my old laptop and my desktop with no problem but with this
laptop, can not figure out how to get my voice to just pass through.
Note that i can record and play back using sound recorder. That is not
the goal or problem. I want to be able to hear my voice through the
speakers as i speak and no output option seems to be available for

Suggestions would be greatly apprecitated!


Gil aka leadhead

Bob Horvath

On 30 Jul 2004 19:30:37 -0700, Bob Horvath wrote:

Go to options, properties, click on "mic" in "show the following
volume controls"

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