SOUND: headphones crackle when plugged in



I have just bought a new laptop within the past few weeks. It is a Dell Vista
blahblah inspiron 1521.
every time i plug anytime of headphone into the speakers, it crackles and
makes terrible noise. it has happened since the very first day i tried to
listen to music with headphones. whether or not i am playing music, if i have
headphones plugged into the laptop to hear anything i get this crackling
ringing squeeking noise.
it is terribly painful and prevents me from listening to anything via
headphones. im sure i sound very redundant, but i just want to make sure that
everyone knows this problem i have with sound only occurs when i plug
headphones in, it doesnt make weird noises and crackle when i listen just via

what is the problem from and how do i fix it?!

i just got this laptop and haven't used it at all,
so i couldn't have done anything wrong to have started this problem..




Bob J

Have you tried others headphones? It is unlikely a software problem.
If the problem still persists I would consider getting in touch with Dell
and demand repair/replace.
Bob J
If advise given from anyone, solves problem or not, or if solved from
another source,post back & let us know.
Then we all benefit.




Those symptoms are typical of an intermittent cord problem. Try sitting very
still, and then moving only the wire about, especially near the connector or
near the headset. If that causes the sound, then the wiring on the headset
is defective, and you should return them for replacement.

Good luck.

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