Sony Vaio Desktop - Suddenly Died

Feb 19, 2007
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Hello Forum Friends!

I have a Sony Vaio PCV - RS422. The compute is over two years old and out of warranty. Last Sunday, I noticed that the screen saver was frozen. After trying for a while, I did what had worked in the past - did a hard boot.

However, after starting the computer again, I did not get any activity on the monitor screen at all - no Sony splash screen, no DOS screen, no OS screen - NOTHING AT ALL. I tried booting it again, leaving it shut off unplugged from power overnight and then trying it again etc. but nothing worked.

1. I have checked the monitor and its power cord - they are working fine with my other desktop.
2. Fans are working and the hard drive seems to spin when the computer is turned on.
3. There is a Green LED on the motherboard that is lit

Before I take it over to Circuit City or Best Buy to get professional help, I was hoping if some on this forum can provide any insight or tricks that may help me rule out whether the problem is failed hard drive or something else.

Any and / or all help will be appreciated.




May 11, 2007
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Re:dead Sony Laptop

Remove The Batterie(s).make Sure All Power Supplies Are Disconnected.remove The Lithium Battery(usually Two Small Screws On A Small Panel On The Bottom Of The Laptop) And Using A Conductive Object Short The Terminals For At Least 15 Seconds.this Might Be An Opportunity To Replace The Lithium Cell.then Reinstall Your Rechargable Battery And Turn On Laptop.this Action Will Clear Your Bios And Reset To Factory Default.i Suspect The Cpu Setting Is Incorrect.
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