Song Show Plus




I know this is the wrong group, but there is no Song Show Plus group,
so I was hoping someone could help me. SSP is not displaying any text
on anything anymore after today. It will display pictures and
photographs for the backgrounds of slides just fine, but no text on
top! The only change that has been made is the setting of some
transitions in a few slide shows. This is an application-wide problem,
though, because it doesn't just affect the slide shows changed, it
affects songs and other slide shows.




Bill Dilworth

I would recommend asking on the product's website. I am sure their tech
support will be able to help troubleshoot your problem.

Bill Dilworth
A proud member of the Microsoft PPT MVP Team
Users helping fellow users.
[email protected] Please read the PowerPoint
yahoo. FAQ pages. They answer most
com of our questions.

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