Songs overlap. Please help!



I've done this same slide show numerous times with no problems. I now have a
different group of songs inserted into the show and the program seems to
recognize the songs length as 0. If I have one song playing per slide, there
is no problem. If I have 2 songs and have them automatically to play one
after another, it starts them at the same time (unless I put in a delay start
with the 2nd song and it has to be longer than the 1st song). If I go to
custom animation, right click timing, then go to sound settings tab and look
under information/total playing time, it shows 0 on all songs. I've looked
at the songs' files outside of Power Point and they show a "duration". I'm
just guessing this could be the problem because I've tried so many other
things including inserting these new songs to replace the old songs into the
slide show that I know works...and it doesn't. I appreciate any insight
anyone may have. Thanks!



Christine Fournier

Hi Shanna,

Search for "start animation after the end of the media" in PowerPoint
General Questions. I'm not sure, but I think John's solution might apply to
your problem. If not, I hope you will get some other answers.




Lucy Thomson

Hi Shanna

I would paste the 2 sound files together using audacity (free!). PowerPoint
doesn't handle that kind of thing very well and I'm all for the easy life


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