Some outlook contact pictures do not display in reading pane


Jim Smith

I have a very odd issue with contacts in Outlook 2007.
All my contacts have a picture associated with them. When new email is
received from some contacts, the picture appears in the reading pane. With
others, the picture does not display. If you right click on the name in the
reading pane, and select "Look up Outlook contact", it finds the correct
contact with the picture present. So it's clearly linking to the correct
contact. Yet no picture displays. I have tried deleting and re-adding the
contact, a complete uninstall/reinstall of Outlook, as well as a deletion and
recreation of the mail profile. I can find nothing to explain the behaviour,
and I can find no differences between contacts which display and those that
do not. (eg two test contacts, both of which consisted of a first name, last
name and email as the only information, one displays a picture, the other
does not). Has anyone seen this before, or have an explanation as to why this
might be occurring?

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