Contact picture doesn't display with email message



I'm using Outlook 2010 for a while now, but it seems that there's something
broken with the contact pictures.

In my address book, some poeple have a contact picture, along with several
email addresses they contact me with. This should display their contact
picture when they send me an email message. It does on my netbook (also with
Outlook 2010), but it seems broken on my desktop computer.

Contact pictures were showing, but for some reason they disappeared after
several days. Creating a new profile with the Mail control panel item fixed
the problem for a few days and then was broken again.

Outlook doesn't recognize at all that the contact in my address book could
be linked to the email message; when I try to add the contact to my address
book, it suggests to merge it with the already existing contact.

Do you have a suggestion what could be the problem?

Russ Valentine

When you installed this beta, how did you connect it to your data file? How
did you configure the address book view?

Peter Grimbeck

I have the same problem and I upgraded from Outlook 2007 (where the photos
displayed correctly). On another machine I did a clean install and the photos
are then displayed as they should.

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