import linkedin contacts including contact picture



I want to import the contact pictures from linkedin into my outlook contacts.
It's possible to export form linkedin with a excel .csv file but that's
without the contact picture. Does anyone have a solution?

Vince Averello

Isn't there a sync utility from LinkedIn? I seem to remember an Outlook
utility but I forget if it included syncing with pictures.

Ryan Cook

As luck would have it, we just added photo sync to the latest version
of the LinkedIn outlook toolbar, you can download it here:

The toolbar does not add the linkedin image into the MS contact
record. It shows up as an icon with pop-up window that displays the
contact image. It would be better if it replaced the MS outlook
contact record with the picture.... then if you sync with outer
programs, the photo will be available (for example in iphone). I'd add
a tiny "in" icon on bottom right - like facebook does in Xobni.


I agree. Without actually synchronizing the contactpicture synchrinization
doesn't give much benifit because adding photo's is very time consuming. On
the other hand with the pictures it gives much benefits while also using it

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