Full Name field is blanked out in Contacts Pane.



I am running a fully patched up to date version of Microsoft Office
Pro 2003. Not sure when this started but in the Outlook contacts when
using the Address Card format, all the Full Name fields are greyed out
in the upper Contacts Pane.

In the Reading Pane below, all the names are fully visible as expected
and I can do searches etc on names and it finds them.

I have tried to completely remove and re-install Office and the result
is the same. It seems as though in the Contacts Pane the colours for
the text and background are the same. This only affects the Full Name
field. All the other fields are visible.

Does anybody have any clue how to fix this ?.

Thanks in advance.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Odd question. Normally the Reading Pane is not even used in any view of a
Contacts Folder. Start by explaining how you have customized your view from
the normal default and what other changes you have make to your setup that
created the problem. State what each pane contains in your customized view.

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