Slow Xp Startup



Recently I tried to install SP2 which failed very badly. My machine would
execute the basic bios, then start loading windows and then spontaneously
IPL while laoding windows.

I had to reinstall the original version of XP from CD then re-download all
the fix's as required by AutoUpdate.

My machine now takes about 3-4 minuted to boot. It seems to hang on a blue
screen with white letters that says "Windows Loading..."

After the machine boots past this point and gets to the screen where you can
choose a USER LOGON, the performance of the machine is as expected. The rest
of the LOGON works fine, and app performance is fine. In short windows works
fine once loaded.

I did not have this problem before I tried to update to SP2. I've fiddled
with the startup services, the startup programs and the swap file. These
things have made the startup after the USER LOGON a little faster. Nothing
seems to effect the 3-4 minute wait on the "Windows Loading...." screen.

Does anybody have any suggestions?


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