Slow-loading Word '07



So I've been having an issue with Microsoft Word '07. It takes about 10
minutes (no exageration) to load on my laptop. I have other Microsoft Office
applications--Excel, Outlook, Access, etc--and none of these has any problem
loading; of course, I use Word more than the other applications, so it is
logical that it would be the one to go first (I suppose).

Another problem: When I'm opening up Word (or trying to), and I open up
another appication--the internet, or else--the little introduction box in the
center of the screen that says Microsoft Word on it (which, of course, is
there for about 10 minutes) absorbs whatever text or image from the internet
that happens to be at the center of the screen, and, sometimes, it freezes my

Essentially, when I try to run Word simultaneously with any other program,
it seems to cause issues within my system.

Not being a techie by any stretch of the imagination, I have only thought of
2 possibilities for this problem:

1) that a word document that I have on my computer is infected with a virus.

2) that I have too much stuff on my hard drive (but why would the other
applications not be affected by this?)

This is becoming a major issue for me, so I would be very thankful to anyone
who could help me out.

Thanks in advance,


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