Copy Paste Word 07



I have word 07 and have just tried copying and pasting from 1 word doc to
another and have the strangest thing happen. The original was a letter
written in Times Roman 14 and no other special formatting.

I copied it and pasted it to another word 07 document and all the lines had
their tops cut off as if the paragraph formatting was off. The lines are on
top of each other in the paragraphs also.

Can some tell me how to fix this and why a simple cut and past caused this
to happen so it does not happen again.


It could be that the paragraph you pasted was formatted with a Style
(say, Normal) that in the original was 14 pt, Single Space and in the
destination document Normal might be 10 pt with spacing of Exactly 12
pt. If instead of simply Pasting it, use Paste Special > Unformatted
Text, and it will come in matching the surrounding text.

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