Why does pasted text change the original text in paragraph?



I have two Word Documents (Word 2007) that I'll call document A and document
B. Both documents are written and saved in the Times New Roman font. I have
some text from Document B that I need to add to the end of a paragraph in
Document A. When I copied and pasted it, the pasted part (from Document
B)stayed in the Times New Roman font, but the beginning of the paragraph
(from Document A) changed to the Arial font. I know I can highlight it and
change it back, but my question is how do I prevent this from happening? I
am writing a document that will require a large quantity of copying/pasting
between documents and would like to avoid having to highlight and change the
font each time. Any help is appreciated.

Dave E

I use "Paste Special" to paste Unformatted Text whenever I paste from one doc
to another. It prevents any quirkiness that might be copied from the source

Keyboard shortcut: Alt-E-S

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