Unintentional Paragraph marks appear in pasted text



Hi all,

My problem originated while pasting text in Powerpoint, but I observed
that same problem appears when I paste text in MSWord, so I am posting
it in this group. (The problem was posted originally in
"microsoft.public.powerpoint" with the subject "Unwanted Paragraph
marks appear in pasted text", but a solution is still awaited.)

I frequently need to copy paragraphs of text from pdf files (by using
"text select" tool in adobe) and paste them in powerpoint or Word (I
am using
Powerpoint / Word 2003). However, in the pasted text, effect of
marks appear at many places within the same paragraph, corresponding
to perhaps the line-end (? not sure) in pdf paragraph. I have to spend
a lot of time to delete each unwanted paragraph-mark manually in
powerpoint to bring the paragraph in the original form.

Is there a way so that the text pasted in the powerpoint is continuous
(i.e. unwanted paragraph marks do not appear)? One possible way that
comes to my mind is to paste the text in Word first, search for
paragraph marks (ctrl+F > ^p) and replace them, and then copy to PPT,
but it still is cumbersome.

Another solution suggested in the "microsoft.public.powerpoint" group
is to use Puretext utility, but that doesn't work either, as I have
posted the details in reply in that group.

Thanks for the help.


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