Sleep feature in Vista not working.



Problem: My sleep button in Vista isnt working on Vista (or XP).
Whenever I do press it, Vista says its going to sleep. Usually on my
other PC, when I do this , the power LED blinks and I can resume it by
pressing the power button. On this PC, I cannot as the light doesnt
blink, and when I press the power button the PC starts all over from
the Boot screen. My BIOS does have the s1&s3 enabled. Do you guys need
the my Vista power settings? And which information do you want? Anyhow
I would really like this feature work out thanks!
Here are my specs:
Asus M2A-VM (Suspend Type: s1&s3) enabled
AMD x2 5200
1 Gig of Ram
650 W Antec Neopower
160 HDD
(wireless keyboard and mouse) I don't know if the wake feature will
work with a wireless set, but pressing the power button should wake up
the PC.
Settings for Vista are , when I press the Sleep Button, It goes to
sleep. If I need more info here please tell me which ones.




I had set my mouse and keyboard not to wake the computer in device manager
for sleep to work.


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