Skipped Drive Letters / USB related



I have always used Win98se.
I just bought a used computer with Win2k on it. I know 2K is similar
to XP. so maybe someone can help.

On my Win98 computer I had a C: drive that was my boot and programs
drive. Then I had a second slave drive that was all my storage of
pictures, music and dwnloads. It was split in 3 partitions (one for
each catagory I just mentioned). I was using Win2k and had my camera
card reader and a flash memory stick plugged in, which were listed as
D: and E:. When I plugged in this storage harddrive, I thought it
would end up being D: E: and F: (like it was in my old computer).
Instead it became F: G: H:. Because those USB devices were already
using D: and E:. I unplugged all USB devices entirely. Rebooted, and
that second harddrive is still showing drive letters F G H. I DONT
I cant find any way to change this.

How can I do it?

One problem is that I was already in disk management and it only shows
the harddrive partitions. It dont show those USB's. It just skips
those two drive letters. I could change the harddrive letters in
there (not that I want to), but since it's not showing any "identity"
(is that the right word?) for those USB's, I cant change anything. I
even plugged the USB devices back in.

Can anyone help?



John John

Plug the USB devices back in then right-click on them and in the
Properties assign them other unused drive letters, like U & V for
example, this will release letters D & E for other devices. Right click
on the drives on the storage devices and assign them new letters as you
want them, then to get rid of the U & V letters re-assign wanted letters
to the USB devices.


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