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Wes from Scottsdale

WinXP SP3 Excel 2007 SP2
Intermittently, when my user single clicks on a single cell, Excel will
select it along with 1-2 cells beneath it. If the cell is double-clicked,
the cursor shows the cell in edit mode with the additional cells selected.

It doesn't seem to matter how close the click is to a cell border. I've
also cleaned out the keyboard to make sure it wasn't a sticky shift key. The
selected cells are always beneath the click and have no correlation to the
previously selected cell.

It doesn't happen all the time and the same cell can be clicked mulitple
times with different results, sometimes selecting only one, other times
selecting two or three cells.

Any ideas?


I've also experienced this. It's almost as if the "F8" function is locked
on. The only way I've been able to resolve this is to close Excel completely
and restart.


From what I've been reading, a workaround is to change the zoom settings, or
pressing F8, will temporarily resolve the symptoms, but does not fix the

I've started just clicking the text bar, and navigating cells with the arrow


I found this on another forum:
"Okay...sooooo I have noticed something new with this phenomina...I am
sure about anyone else...but it only happens to me in "Page Layout" view. The
most likely time for it to happen is when I have two pages (ie: page 1 and 2)
both visable on my screen at the same time...for example, I am getting close
to the end of page 1 and my screen scrolls up to reveal the top of page will suddenly start happening them. If I scroll the page back up to
only show page 1 on the stops happening.

Let me know if anyone else experiences this. I am starting to think there is
a tiny clitch in the "Page Layout" view. "

david s.

i also have been annoyed by this. i have been thinking it happens when there
has been cell merging or multiple row inserting used. i typically always use
page layout view, so can't say if it happens in normal view, however, it
doesn't seem to matter how many pages i have on a worksheet, in fact most of
my docs are single page. Closing and re-opening a file has no had any effect
for me. I am please to see the work around though, as i too have been
selecting a nearby, uneffected cell and navigating with the arrow key.

the problem is, i work with extremely novice users who tend to freak out
over anything out-of-the-ordinary...........

i am using Excell 2007 BTW

and looking forward to someone knowing what the deal is and posting it.


Has anyone found a remedy for this problem? I have tried the "f8" fix but
that does not work. I am getting with 1 click the two cells below are also
highlighted. The issue is sometimes I need to delete complete rows and this
selects 3 at a time. I can't get it to stop doing this. Any help would be


Hi all,

Same issue here,

I'm using Excel 2007.
The problem occurs in Page Layout view only.

I found it is related to the Exel file, not the computer: tried the
problematic file on another computer with the same result.

I'm normally using a laptop (1280x800 pixels) with an additional monitor
(1600x1200 pixels).
Displaying the file full size on the lapton screen, the issue does not occur.
Displaying it full size on the "big" screen trouble starts. Making window a
bit smaller suddenly solves the issue. Full size again and the problem is
there again.
Other computer I tried has only one 1600x1200 monitor attached, same issue.

Hoping for a solution.


Jul 19, 2011
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I found I had the problem when the sheet was unprotected - it would select 3 cells - but when I switched on protection it only selected one cell. After switching protection on and off a couple of times to confirm this, the problem went away. Hmm.
Oct 25, 2011
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I had the same problem as well. I'm using Excel 2010 and have the excel spreadsheet open as Page Layout View.
The Symptom is that you could click on a cell and it would multi-select several cells below it. Copying the cell would actually copy all the highlighted cells.

The Solution to my issue, like the poster above mentioned, is to select a different zoom value (like 75%), then go back to your original zoom value (e.g. 100%). It seemed to make the multiple cell highlight go away.

It really looks like a bug as there's no explanation as to why that would be a fix.
Dec 9, 2011
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Extended selection mode is switched on. To rectify:-
1. single click a cell
2. press F8,
3. then using your cursor keys(on the keyboard) move left and right, up and down until only 1 cell is selected
4. press escape key

This should resolve the problem.
Nov 14, 2010
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I switched from page layout to normal layout and the problem was resolved. Very strange issue!
Sep 24, 2014
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I use excel for pretty much everything but school posts (it's easier with word), and I often use page layout as I use excel to create and modify every piece of work that I do for the company I work for as well as personal items. I work with Windows 7 at work and Windows 8 at home on my personal laptop. I have no issues with my personal copy (which is MS Office 2010 -- Professional Plus), but I have issues with the one at the office (MS Office 2007 -- Standard).

Has Microsoft been informed of the bug?

Edit: Changing the page view seems to work out well, but I'm sure it's a temporary fix for the program. It's actually very frustrating when I'm formatting the page in a specific manner and it randomly decides to highlight more than one cell on a single click.
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