Simple Export of PivotTable View



I have an Access to ADP\SQL server 2005 upgrade I'm working on and I'm have
problems exporting the pivot table view of either views or stored procedures
to Excel. This functionality is desired so users can use drill down into
detail functionality of the pivot tables after being exported to Excel. This
works fine in the old version and if I use an MDB with ODBC linked tables,
but I want to use ADP (please don't ask why). It also works if I create an
empty table for the export and create the pivot table view from there in the
ADP. I would like to just use the views and stored procedures to simplify
things a little for the other developer instead of this workaround. The
error message is this in a dialog with a selector and pointing to a log file:
"Problems during load - PivotTable" then a path to a log file path points to
a file in temporary internet files with the error.

XML ERROR in PivotTable
REASON: Missing Tag
ACTION: Aborting current XML group
FILE: C:\DOCUME~1\tl\LOCALS~1\Temp\PivotTable83119_cachedata.xml
GROUP: ElementType
TAG: attribute

The file in the log is XML and I can't seem to troubleshoot what the problem

Has anyone else ever experienced this annoying error?



Nobody has responded so I'm going to say this. I have implemented the
work-around I discussed in my original post, but I would love it if someone
could at least reproduce this error and perhaps we could file as a bug report
to Microsoft for the next service pack going into Office 2k7.

To reproduce the error use the PivotTableExportToExcel command in the
RunCommand action in a macro on a pivot table you have built from a view or
stored procedure. You may have to use Open... and SelectObject actions
before the export action.

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