Export to XML - error 31532



When trying to export a query/report to XML I recieve error 31532 "<database
name> was unable to export the data".

Exporting simple queries works fine, however when using even the most simple
JOIN within the query it fails with the error above (NOTE: the queries are
performed on linked Access database tables).

The reason I'm trying to export to XML is a workaround for access not being
able to export a report to excel - exporting to XML and opening the XML in

exporting the report's record source to excel is a good solution for me as
I'm using many calculated fields, grouping & filtering which I don't want to
re-code every time I change the report.

I tried with Access 2007 (12.0.4518.1014) & Access 2007 SP1 (12.0.6304.5000)
with no success.

Any ideas?

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