XLSX Transferspreadsheet



Well, I can't seem to export my client's queries to xlsx format. The official
documentation for the docmd.transferspreadsheet action doesn't list Excel 12
(2007) as an option. I looked up the action in MSDN and the official docs say
no such export, but a comment says there are two new undocumented export
types (9 and 10) that export xlsx and xlsx (xml) respectively.

It doesn't work. It doesn't give me an error, just exports something other
than xlsx.

The worst part is that the export function exports it as xlsx but it's
really xls format.


Jackie L

In regard to the Excel file, why does it make a difference what the version
is? Your file is going to be exported from Access without any Excel
characteristics. Why don't you just export as .xls and then you can open it
with Excel 2007? The error should not be there since the version of the file
will match the extension.


GAry B

I am having a similar issue. It matters to my clients because we are
exporting a large amount of data that only PICOT Tables in 2007 can handle.
This is forcing them to open the file then to save it as an xlsx file before
working on the pivot data. It would be nice to save it to that format to
start - any help would be appreciated.

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