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I have a signature that needs to include a logo/graphic. I am wondering why
I am having an issue with the logo not displaying. The link (path) to the
logo is correct, however in the email a broken image box displays. When I
embed the logo instead of linking to it - the quality of the logo is
compromised. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Roady [MVP]

Hard to say without any configuration information and exact steps to
Always start with telling us your Outlook version.


I am using Outlook 2003.

I created an HTML file that included a <img src> tag to link to the image I
would like displayed in the signature.

Then I created a new signature and pointed it to the HTML file I created.
This appeared to work correctly at first but now my signature as a broken
image box displaying?


I just went through this. Try this.
Step 1 - Set your email to HTML
To do this, click on TOOLS, OPTIONS, MAIL FORMAT

Step 2:
Select HTML. Next make sure you deselect the “use MSOffice word 2003 to
edit e-mail messages†and the one below it. That will ensure that your
messages are sent in HTML only.

Step 3:

Now at the bottom of that same Mail Format window you will see your
signature area. Click on the ‘signatures’ button.

Step 4:

Click on the ‘new’ button.

Step 5:

Enter a name for your Signature and make sure you have the ‘start with blank
signature’ with a bullet in it. Then click the next button.

Step 6:

At this stage you can enter any text you would like as a permanent part of
the signature.Then click on the ‘ADVANCED EDIT’ button.

Step 7:

A popup window will ask for you next move. Click the yes button. At this
point, Microsoft Word should open.

Step 8:

Now you can click on INSERT, PICTURE, FROM FILE. Go to your Desktop to
locate the GIF file or link and double-click the file. ***Please note: It
will now appear on your page - not be animated.

Step 9:

Go to FILE and SAVE AS (The file will probably save in what is called a
"Signature" folder.)

Step 10:

In your toolbar along the bottom of your computer screen, click on
"OUTLOOK". The dialog box for Signatures should re-appear and you should see
the animated graphic in the preview box.

Step 11:

Click OK

Step 12:

In the "Signature for New Messages" box, click the drop down menu and select
your signature (or whatever the name of the file you designated).

Step 13:

Click APPLY and OK

Step 14:

Open up a new email message and, at this point, the animated graphic will
appear! You may need to click on it (only once to highlight it)

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