Sig Version 1.14.1361.6 Upgrade Problems Again



Well, it happened to me again this morning. I ran Defender About Check for
Updates. It stated all Eng... etc up to date. I ran Microsoft Update Express
Button and it still showed the KBxxxxxx critical update for sig ver
1.14.1361.6 0KB 0mins Downloaded and ready to install. No problem right. Had
to run the Msiexec Run command to get rid of the old sig version, Run
Defender again Check for updates and it came across fine. Microsoft Update no
longer shows KBxxxxxx.

I have done the Dial-A-Fix from as suggested in another post. I
have also done the repair on Defender via Control Panel Add Remove Programs.
After getting the Update for the sig file a ran Registry Mechanic
which reported the following Registry Error on its Deep Scan:

Value : 90A2CC5A3D9ECE9429D33078B4DBC4C2 = C:\WINDOWS\Temp\MpEngine.dll
Parsed : C:\WINDOWS\Temp\MpEngine.dll

I also have AdAware SE Plus ver 1.06 R1 with Ad Watch SE Plus build 399
installed and running on my system. I noticed that when I ran Defenders Check
for updates this morning that it flashed red on the bottom right hand corner
of my screen by the clock. It seems that it was trying to blobk something
that Defender was trying to do. I had a simular problem arrise when trying to
access the help page for WeatherBug Plus on my system. There were 2 entries
in the Popup section of the settings, one for and the 2nd for - after removing these 2 entries I was able to get to the Help
Page for Weatherbug.

Also as part of Dial-A-Fix I got the previous version of Mshtml.dll
6.0.2900.2802 thus backing out KB912945.

My current settings for AdWatch are as follows under Options:

Load Ad Watch on Windows Startup

RealTime Performance:

Blocking Options:
Lock Startup Section
Lock Executable File Associations
Block Possible Browser Hijack Attempts
Block Suspicious Processes
Block Tracking Cookies
Activate Pop-Up Blocker

Logging And Maintenance:
Log Blocked Registry Activities
Log Blocked Tracking Cookies
Log Blocked Memory Activities
Log Internal Events

Event History:
Create Event History

Anyway are there any known problems with updating Defender while AdWatch is
active. I will try turning off AdWatch the next time a new sig version
becomes available and see what happens. Well, I've got 1.14.1361.6.

Any other suggestions from your end?


Tom Emmelot

Hello Plantin,

I dont now what happened on you PC regarding Dial-a-fix and Mshtml.dll,
I run the program and got version 7.0.5296.0 of Mshtml.dll
So are you sure that it has to do with Dial-a-fix?

Regards >*< TOM >*<

PlantinVegies schreef:

Bill Sanderson MVP

ad-watch has been implicated in some other "oddities"--there've been about 3
or so messages in these groups where folks have found parts of Microsoft
Antispyware still running after upgrading to Defender, and one case of the
converse--the defender service still running after an uninstall and
reinstall of Microsoft Antispyware.

I believe ad-watch was at the root of at least one of these instances--and I
suspect, all.

I haven't connected it with anything more subtle, like definition issues, so
keep us posted.


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