Problems With Sig Ver 1.14.1396.12



Well, I'm still having the same problem using MS Update for getting critical
update KB915597 - Definitions 1.14.1396.12 for WD. It says it downloads and
installs correctly. WD>About shows no change in the sig ver (still shows
1.14.1395.2). I ran MS Update again and it shows that KB915597 is there, 0KB,
0mins, downloaded and ready to install. Same old problem. I ran the Msiexec
run command and got rid of the current definition file for WD. I opened
WD>About>Check for updates, and it came across fine. I now have:

WD Ver: 1.1.1347.0
Eng Ver: 1.1.1303.0
Def Ver: 1.1.1396.12

Ran MS Update again and KB915597 was no longer there. Review of installation
history shows that both MS Update and WD successfully installed the fix.

Any new suggestions? Thanks


Hello PlantinVegies,

So Bills sugestions don't work.

I think you have to many times try the same problem. Probably your TIF and
cahe, etc etc. are all screw up..

Try going in safe mode and run:
Ccleaner -
Note, uncheck Yahoos toolbar during install.

CCleaner even has a built-in Registry Cleaner. It's not the best (not
CCleaner's main function), but it will find invaild registry entries that
most Registry Cleaners will not. Unlike the Disk Cleaners with a Registry
Cleaner, CCleaner does really fast scanning for Registry Issues. The reason
is CCleaner doesn't want to effect Windows performance or effect any
applications. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Open Ccleaner and start the cleaning, press "Windows" "Aplications" and "Run
Cleaner" from the menu choose 'Issues' and then press scan for issues, Repair
any fºund.

Try for second time the same as avobe.

I hope this post is helpful.
Let us know how it works ºut.


Sorry, but I have already done the CCleaner. It disdn't help either. I've
only had one good update since going to WD Ver 1347. So I guess I'll just run
Msiexec before trying am update.

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