Followup for Sig Version 1.14.1361.6 03/31/06



Found out about the new sig version 1389.7 being available this morning.
Unloaded AdWatch SE Plus, Ran WD About Check for Updates. Still same problem.
Sig Ver does not change. Ran Msiexec run command to get rid of previous sig
version 1361.6 and Check for Updates again with WD. Worked fine. Got the new
sig ver 1389.7. So AdWatch does not seem to be causing the problem.

Bill Sanderson MVP

I've definitely seen this issue on machines with very little 'extra' running
on them--probably OneCare, but nothing else.


Sorry, but I dont have OneCare. I did do some additional poking around
though. I looked in Windows Event Viewer and found the following entry there
for the above named update:

Product: Windows Defender Signatures - Update "Signature Update" could not
be installed. Error Code 1603.

I followed the links to Help and Support and found the following for April
07, 2006 (Advanced System Information - View Error Log):

Friday, April 07, 2006 WinDefend Windows Defender has encountered an error
trying to update signatures. New Signature Version: Previous Signature
Version: Update Source: Scheduled Signature Type: Update Type: User:
BOBSPC\Bob Current Engine Version: Previous Engine Version: 1.1.1303.0 Error
code: 0x80070002 Error description: The system cannot find the file specified

Thats all that I've been able to find so far. Hope it helps.

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