Shutdown problems



I have shutdown problems problems with a laptop with Windows XP Professional
Edition SP2 installed on it. It ALLWAYS hangs (stops responding), so I
allways must power off by keeping power button pressed for 5 seconds.

If I boot in safe mode, I have no problems on shutdown. It doesent't look
like related to software installed by users (except, may be, antivirus),
becouse I have this problem even when I try to shuttdown from 'welcome
screen', when I haven't still loged on with any user.

I have tried to use /bootlog option, and readed ntbtlog.txt, but I can't
find any 'Terminate' and 'EndTerminate' sections. Are theese sections only
present on BOOTLOG.txt from Win 9x? If so... How can I fnd wich is the
program/service that hangs the system when shutdown?


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What antivirus program are you using?


Some Norton products scan the ntuser.dat file not allowing it to unload

Also, have you got the antivirus scanning floppy drives on shutdown. That will
also stop it

Are there any indications of what its hanging on? What applications are open
when machine is shutdown? What applications are running on startup?

Need more info

Brian A.

In Windows click Start > Run, type in: eventvwr.msc and press Enter or click OK.
Maximize Event Viewers window and click in the left pane either Applications or
In the Right pane double click on any error listed to open a details window.
In the Description pane there may also be a link included to a "possible" solution
at the end of the text.


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The notebook uses Norton antivirus.

No user applications are running because the problem occurs even when i
directly shutdown from 'welcome' screen (no user logged in). Is some norton
antivirus service running before user login?

Thanks in advance!


Are all the logout/shutdown events registered by dafault? I can't see them...
Do I have to change something in group policies to activate the audit of
theese kind of events?

Thanks in advance!

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