having problems completing shutdown in windows xp


Edward Letendre

I have a very strange situation with two computers I use. In my case, both
computers attempt to shutdown but the shutdown process never completes. In
this situation, the computer begins to shutdown and it goes through the
shutdown process but after more than 30 minutes, the computer still does not
shutdown and I have to manually shut the computer down by pressing and
holding the power switch. In both cases I have not installed any software
that would interfer with the shutdown process such as Nero (I did some
research online but none of the suggestions helped). What could be causing
this problem and what can I do about it (there are no specific error
messages, just the shutdown message and the grayed out screen, but nothing


there are a number of processes
that occur during shutdown.

for example one process is making
a final entry into the registry.

another is to turn off/power down
hard ware and turn off services.

what I would do is to begin analyzing
the issue is to test windows performance
in safe mode, then safe mode w/network.

if windows functions perfectly in the
safe modes,

then you can likely attribute the problem
to either a third party program or
device driver.

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Download and install the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service
Download details: User Profile Hive Cleanup Service

UPHClean v1.6d readme.txt

This site is not totally up to date but it is worth a look

Is your system free from error?

Have a look in the System and Application logs in Event Viewer for
Errors and Warnings and post copies here. Don't post any more than 48
hours ago.

You can access Event Viewer by selecting Start, Control Panel,
Administrative Tools, and Event Viewer. When researching the meaning
of the error, information regarding Event ID, Source and Description
are important.

A tip for posting copies of Error Reports! Run Event Viewer and double
click on the error you want to copy. In the window, which appears is a
button resembling two pages. Click the button and close Event
Viewer.Now start your message (email) and do a paste into the body of
the message. Make sure this is the first paste after exiting from
Event Viewer.


Hope this helps.

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Edward Letendre

The computer rebooted successfully in safe mode and safe mode with netowrking
turned on. So I am not sure what driver or program is causing the problem.
Is there a way to find. out?


while in safe mode, execute
something called "clean boot"

a clean boot will start normal
mode without third party programs
and services.

if the clean boot fixes the problem
then the culprit was disabled via
the clean boot.


either in normal mode or safe
mode click on the start button>

after you run msconfig a window
will pop up and give you the
opportunity to disable non
microsoft programs and services.

under the start tab, uncheck all
items and click apply.

you may want to jot down what
all you unchecked/disabled.

then under services tab, "hide"
all microsoft services and what
remains can be disabled as well.

afterwards reboot and see if normal
mode performs better.

DatabaseBen, Retired Professional
- Systems Analyst
- Database Developer
- Accountancy
- Veteran of the Armed Forces
- @Hotmail.com
- nntp Postologist
~ "share the nirvana" - dbZen


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