Showing line numbers from within a Word Picture object



I want to insert a pice of text in the middle of a Word document and show
line numbers for that text. To separete the style and line number of this
pice of text from the rest of document, I use Word Picture object. After
inserting this object, I open the object, put my text there, and enable the
line numbers. When I go back to the original document, I can see the text,
but not the line numbers.

What is the best way to implement such a behavior? I can think of useing
tables and formulas, but is there a better way?

Thank you,

Graham Mayor

Line numbers are a document parameter and as you found cannot be imported. I
think I would be inclined to capture the text using a screen capture utility
such as SnagIt (there is a fully working trial ), crop it
tightly then insert the line numbered text as an image at 100% size set
inserted in a suitable layout wrap mode other than 'in line with text'.

The text wouldn't be editable (without editing it in the original document
and recapturing it) but you wouldn't see any difference.

There are many examples of the use of screen captured text using SnagIt on
my web site.

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

My web site

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