Line numbers for a text document?



I have a text document where I want to find line 274, but neither Word nor
WordPad nor Notepad give me line numbers for the cursor location. Is there
some way I can find this out?


Stefan Blom

In Word, you can use the Go To dialog box to move the insertion point to a
particular line. Press Ctrl+G to display the dialog. For "Go to what," choose
"Line," type in the line number, and press Enter.

In addition, you can display line numbers on the status bar. If you are using
Word 2007, right-click the status bar and, on the context menu, click to select
"Line number."


Getting there! Now, how can I make Word deal with very long lines (when
wrapping on a normal page, one input line turns into four or five lines in
the document.)

Jay Freedman

Word doesn't "deal with very long lines". It always wraps them in one
fashion or another. The best you can do is to go into the Options
dialog and check "Show text wrapped within the document window", then
switch to Draft view and make Word as wide as you can fit on your

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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newsgroup so all may benefit.


Thanks. It's good to know I can stop looking in Word. Frees me up for
other approaches.

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