showing 2 local drives! "C & F"



I hope someone can help me. I installed Acronis true Image because i
wanted a second disaster recovery software, (I already had Norton Save &
Restore) when i installed the Acronis true Image and activated the "secure
Zone" and the recovery manager "which installs the recovery inviorment on the
computer so you can recovery with out the recovery cd.. (it loaded before
windows, just click if you need the recovery inviorment) it said to restart
my laptop and when i did, it was moving files.. (I think it created a
partition of some kind (secure zone, to put recovery points in or something)
~now here is what happened: I wanted to store a recovery point on my
computer... I know it takes hard drive space, but i had 68% free space
and i figured i could delete it any time anyway.. after i made the recovery
point it left me with 2% free space!! I used norton save & restore to remove
everything and put my computer back, but now it shows 2 local drives "C" &
"F" C shows NTFS capacity=49.38 GB, free= 22.44GB, percent free= 45% F
shows NTFS capacity 35.18, free=10.48 percent free= 29% (this is a 100 GB
~ My Question Is ~ How do i get rid of this "Mystery" F drive and just
have my "C" drive and free space back!!!??? thank you all for any help you
can offer.. I e-mail Acronis, but they never got back to me... I said to
myself, if anyone can help, this group can!! thank you!!!

Rich Barry

If it's my understanding that the C: drive is Ok but you want to get
rid of the F: drive. If you did not have a F: partition before you
installed Acronis you should be able to remove
the partition using Acronis. If this is not possible go below and
download one of the easiest partition managers I ever used. You can use it
within Windows. No DOS stuff.

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