New Hard Drive....Drive C: 1% Free....Suggestions?



I added a 120GB Hard drive a few days ago and copied everything from the old
drive to the new drive using the software provided by western digital. It
partitioned into two drives C: and F: on the new hard drive. It Changed
drive C: To Drive E: As you can see below I don't have much free space on
drive C:. I'm looking for suggestions on what to do next?

Drive C: Fat32, Capacity 29.78 GB, Free Space 343 MB, 1% Free
Drive E: Fat32, Capacity 37.24 GB, Free Space 6.81 GB, 18% Free
Drive F: NTFS, Capacity 81.99 GB, Free Space 81.14 GB, 98% Free


I would suggest that you use Partition Majic 8. to merge them into a single


not sure why you did not do the new drive larger? If you have not used it
much or can copy the files back to the old drive you may want to try copying
the drive again and make it larger. You can also get a copy of Partition
magic or Acronos etc.. to resize the partitions


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