"Show Desktop" Shortcut Doesn't Work



My "Show Desktop" shortcut/button on the Quick Launch toolbar on the Taskbar
no longer works. This is one of the default buttons provided with the Quick
Launch toolbar.

The shortcut icon has changed to a generic one and the Properties reflect
that it is now a SimTowns Sounds type of file. I believe the file is intact,
since in Notepad the functionality appears to still be there. I just think
that the file thinks it's a SimTown Sounds file.

The file has a .scf extension, so maybe SimTown is simultaneously using this
Windows extension. However, in the registered file types list, no .scf
extension exists for either Windows or SimTown. I don't have SimTown

Obviously, the Show the Desktop menu command still functions when you
right-click the taskbar, as this would not be affected.

So how do I return functionality to the "Show Desktop" button? Thanks!


What a wonderfully simple solution! I thought this would be hard to fix, but
boy was I surprised. I greatly appreciated the suggestion.

When I ran "assoc .scf" in Comand Prompt it returned: ".scf=SimTown.SCF".

In regedit.exe, in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SHCmdFile\shell\open\command it still
showed explorer.exe as the filetype handler.

So I just ran "assoc .scf=SHCmdFile" and the shortcut/button worked again.
I didn't have to restore the icon, it simply returned.

I didn't install SimTown, I just ran it on my computer before I had the
problem. If I did install it, would the installer use an extension already
in use by Windows? Why would software developers (or Windows developers)
even use an extension already claimed? Isn't there any collaboration on file
types? It seems strange to me. Thanks again.

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