Sharing Worksheets



Earlier in the week, I got a question asked by one of my users about a
problem with a shared worksheet. The worksheet is an engineering time log
worksheet. When the user opens this worksheet on a co-worker's PC, it works that I mean there are three drop down boxes that she can choose
things faster from as well as the panes are frozen both horizontally and

When she opens the worksheet on her own PC, these drop down boxes don't
function and her panes are only frozen horizontally. Both workstations are
Windows 2000 and both Excel programs are Excel 2002 SP3. I just can't
figure out why this shared file will work on one machine and not the other.

Thanks for any help you can give.




Some settings are local, they are set by the individual user and don't
"follow" the workbook.

In other words, Shared doesn't mean Equal.

You can set some common options by going to Tools>Share Workbook and
going to the Advanced tab.


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