Sharing Favorites Between Two Logins



I have a local and domain user set up to share the same local profile on a
Windows XP computer. This means they share the same Internet Favorites.

The favorites link for secured financial sites only work from the original
local user login. When the domain user who shares the profile logs in, and
selects the links, MSIE 7 simply refuses to even draw or contact the page.
It says "Site not reachable" on the page, and the "Phishing Filter" shows as
Red and gives the message that the Phishing filter site cannot be reached.

How do I get these two logins to share the one link? They should be
sharing the same Cookies folder, but my guess is that the Cookies must have
hard coded into them the user's login, and somehow MSIE is reacting to that
due to some security configuration? What configuration setting do I relax
to change that behavior?

Yes, I have Full Control on the Profile directory, and the user's registry
hive, given to both of the login IDs.

Rob ^_^

Hi Will,

Your question is hard to understand.. Hope my answer is what you want...

Cookies are stored in a users Temporay Internet Files folder, but each user
that is sharing that folder will have a separate cookie for each site. eg.
Your shared TIF may look like

(e-mail address removed)
(e-mail address removed)

User Privacy settings (which controls cookies and content) are stored in the
Registry under HKCU, so in effect cookies and privacy settings cannot be
'shared' eg. User1 can allow cookies from while user2 can block
cookies from Cookies may contain other information as well that
may uniquely identify your computer and not the user of the computer,
resulting in confusion on the server side as to who exactly is trying to
access their site.

Favorites can be shared, but you may have conflicts with Favorites that are
stored offline. Also sharing a Favorites folder does not share the same
Links folder. Although the Links folder is a sub-folder under Favorites,
there is a registry key under HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet
where Links maps to %userprofile%\Favorites\Links
You can change the default value to any valid folder path
eg. c:\Shared Favorites\Links or even a document folder.... try
%userprofile%\My Documents or %userprofile%\My Pictures

(I like this tweak)
to share links between users.


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