anybody getting dodgy e-mails to update your Coolermaster login?



I got one stating that forum system was upgraded, so I should update login
information. When I hold mouse over the link it has another URL
starting with
So I did not click on link in e-mail. It was addressed to
"community member" instead of my name, so I always think not another
phishing attempt groan.
When I go to the real CM site and try to login, it claims that
my account does not exist!
So has somebody hacked the Coolermaster forum?

John Doe

Whenever I get a dodgy/spammy email from a company, I simply click
"junk" and it's automatically deleted by Hotmail. If there ever
comes a time when I miss one of their important emails like order
confirmation or whatever, I will make an adjustment (like ordering
from another store). When I get a "please give me feedback" email
from a Fleabay merchant, I give them Neutral feedback asking them
not to use my email address for that purpose.

In other words... I see no reason to mess with dodgy emails from

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