How to Fix Phishing Filter After Converting Domain User Profile to Local User Profile?



I modified a local profile on a Windows XP computer so that it could be
shared with a domain profile and then pointed the domain user's profile
directory to the local profile directory. I have done this dozens of
times, and have carefully documented the required steps, and it seems to
work in this case. The domain user when he logs in starts MSIE 7 but the
Phishing filter is broken, giving a message that the Microsoft site is down.
Does anyone know how to fix this and get Phishing filter to work again?

I suspect there is some cryptographic issue at stake here, probably each
user's profile contains some kind of private / public key pairs that are
uniquely generated for that one user's SID. By making the domain user
login and use a different user's profiles, the cryptographic keys are no
longer matching. Is there a way I can reset the cryptography to the
currently logged in user to get Phishing filter as well as any other
features that use those crypto keys to work properly? I don't need to
retrieve any information from the local user's directory, so I am already
with wiping out and starting over from scratch on the crypto keys.

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