Shared printer problems



I have a XP Media Center PC with a HP2610 All-in-One printer attached via USB.
The PC is connected via Ethernet to a Linksys wireless router.
I have shared the printer, entered share printer under the XP Firewall
I have two other PCs in the house that access the Linksys wirelessly.
Neither can access the printer.

on the Kitchen PC, when I try to add printer,
It actually shows under the list as a shared printer , but when I try to
add it, a pop-up appears --Connect to server - asking for username and
password. I enter a valid user/psw, also tried the guest account, but get
errors such as "access denied", "user not set up for access....",

The second PC is a laptop, the printer does not appear under the list, so I
specify the \\PC\Printer and the pop-up for username/password appears. This
time an error:
"windows cannot connect to the printer. Operation could not be completed"

Similar issues when trying to access shared folders.


I have tried all of the entries found here under "access is denied."

The latest was to try and add the printer using a local port, but a
\\computer\printername as the port name.
Once again it brought up an error
"Login failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at
this computer".

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