Shared folders inaccessible from guest account, ok for authed users



Well, the gist is this, i need help. network help. i hope this is the
right group cause i've lost it. here are the facts.

Computers A, B, and C are all part of the same workgroup, on the same
subnet, and are all able to get onto the internet.
Computer A, B, and C all have shared folders.
Computer A can read (list shared folders, get contents, open files) B
and C just fine, with either GUEST account access or by logging in
with authenticated user and password from Computer B or C
Computer B can read C, but not A when using GUEST user. (can not get
list of shared folders by net view, but can use a dirrect \\unc\path\to
\shared\folder shortcut or maped drive of known share folder without
using an authenticated user from Computer A.)
Computer C can read B, but not A when using GUEST user. (same as
Computers B and C can list shares (net view), list folder contents,
and open filess on Computer A ONLY WHEN USING A VALID USER LOGON AND
PASSWORD FROM COMPUTER A. Once they log in, it works perfectly, but
guest access still wont work.

All of the folders on all of the computers have "Everyone" with read
share and NTFS permisisons.
Computers B and C also list "Guests" in the share and NTFS
Computers B and C run windows XP, but computer A runs Windows 2000.
All computers can ping all the other computers. This is not a hardware
or firewall issue, because sharing works with \\unc\direct\links, or
with authentication, but not with "anonymouse" guest access.
Computer A has since added "Guests" to share and NTFS permissions.
Computer A has had TCPIP uninstalled, rebooted, reinstall, rebooted.
no change.
Computer A has had Microsoft File and Printer Sharing uninstalled,
reboot, reinstall, reboot. no change.
Computer A has reset Guest password to blank/empty, renamed Guest and
renamed back to Guest, removed Guest from GUESTS group and then added
back, disabled Guest account and then reenabled, reboots between each
set of actions.
Doesn't matter if user Guest proved a password or a blank pass when
trying to get list of shared folders, still fails, but either way
still works with \\unc\direct\links (or the stupid windows shortcuts
that get made when you type in a path that end up cluttering up your
network neighborhood.)

so, any help at all to get the guest access to the Window 2000 machine
working again would be VASTLY appreciated because i think i have done


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