Windows XP Changing power scheme in windows XP

Feb 10, 2014
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I'm new, doing a search for this answer was a dead end, I found the fix on my own so I wanted to share it. I did answer an old post but wanted to introduce myself as well.

Here is what I did to cure both of my Dell computers with XP home, one XP pro.

start, run, type in regedit in your guest account
In the edit tab click on find
type in powerpolicies
click on the + to expand the folder, open the folder 0
double click name in the window to the right.
replace the name Home/desk office with Presentation
Restart your computer go to guest and it will say presentation now instead of Home/desk office and will be set to always on in all options.

Right down what you do in case you fubar, Its a easy fix it will work I did it to both my computers. I use guest account so no one can place a self extractor virus on my computer. But hated the monitor shutting off. I use picture slide show for my screen saver and like looking at the pictures when I come back into the room.

Also, lets say you use auslogics for a defrag. Right click on the icon, click on the option run on, then go down and put the check in the following user, administrator is what you want to type in if its not already there. Put your password in and you are now defraging from your guest account. This can work for other applications as well.





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