Severe Problem: Driver Handle Token Leak


Timo Kohlbacher


I have a Minolta 2300DL Printer.
A Windows Server 2003 SP1 is the Print-Server.

I'm experiencing the following:

When a user prints a document, the process spoolsv.exe opens approx. 100
Handles f the Type Token to NT-Authority/System

(I can see this with Sysinternals Process Explorer and handle.exe)

This happens every time a printer-job is started, until the handle-count of
spoolsv.exe reaches 10000 (which is the hard-coded Limit AFAIK). Then the
Server stops working with not-enough-memory-errors in the event-log.

Other printers on the same server do not have any problems.

I'm using the recommended driver for 2003.

Any Ideas?


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