Setting for hibernation?



I am using a Toshiba notebook running XP MCE. Recently I noticed that -
although the screen shuts off and the HD stopped running - it was no
longer going into hibernation when I closed the lid. So I went to look
at my present Power settings and noticed that I must have accidentally
changed something.

Hibernation tab shows that hibernation is allowed and there is plenty of
disk space.

My settings for the Power Scheme "Portable/Laptop" which I use has
Turn off monitor: After 15 mins (Plugged in), 5 mins (Batteries)
Turn off hard disks: After 30 minutes (Plugged in), 5 mins
System standby: Never for both
**System hibernates: Never for both.

So I must have accidentally changed something but I no longer recall the
default settings for "Portable/Laptop". Any suggestions for what the
default "System hibernates" values should be?




Found the problem!

Under Power Options there is a tab for "Advanced" and here the setting
for what to do when closing the lid was set to do nothing instead of

So hopefully now all will be well. Don't kinow how that was changed.


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