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Sep 9, 2015
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Firstly I would like to apologise, I usually attempt to do all my work myself but I am a complete newcomer to Access.

Could anybody help me at all with creating a Service Centre Repair database? I am looking at creating something really simple to start with and add to it once I get to grips with Access. I have taken a look at the northwind traders template supplied from Microsoft and a few other free templates out there but it isn't making too much sense to me.

OK, so I'm looking at creating a database that we will use to log all inbound repairs, outbound repairs (repaired goods) and then a little dashboard to show some stats.

If I concentrate firstly on the goods in. we want to be able to firstly enter a return reference into a form, the database should then enter the date the item was received (entered into the database). The first 2 characters refer to the call centre agent that took the initial call so if possible we would need to turn these into a real person's name and store this too and finally we would need to select from a choice of 3 carriers on who returned the item. Once all this has been entered it would be good if we could automatically print a label with the return number in text and a barcode and also a date.

If anyone could help me by either supplying a template, instructions on what I need to do or what I need to look for or provide links to anything that may help it would be greatly appreciated. If anybody feel Access is not the best solution for me please feel free to offer a better solution.


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